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Gabby's Gift Book

How much pain can you bear? Have you ever received the worst news possible---news that would change your life forever? Gabby’s Gift is an inspiring book written by the mother of a child born with a birth defect called spina bifida. This mother’s journey is a touching one taken directly from the emotional pages of her daily journal entries. In an account that reads almost like a novel, Sharon Ennis tells the true-life story of her daughter’s physical disabilities and needs, and of her own battles and triumphs experienced in dealing with the situation as a mother. Sharon shares with her readers how she has learned to accept what she cannot control and to focus instead on the gift given to her from the start of that incredible journey.


ISBN: 978-0-9869259-0-0


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Sharon Ennis


Sharon Ennis is a mother of four, with a daughter, who was born with a birth defect called spina bifida and hydrocephalus. With two published books, Sharon strives to help educate people about spina bifida – the number one permanently disabling birth defect in Canada. One in 1,300 babies is born with the condition.

As a moving public speaker, Sharon reaches various communities sharing an inspiring message to dream, persist and finally overcome. Sharon is raising awareness in a ‘silly’ way through her book readings in public schools. She teaches children from Grades JK to Grade 8 that they have the potential to be anything despite their challenges. Special lectures are presented for high school classes and college campuses.

To book Sharon Ennis for a public speaking engagement, school or library book reading, please email sharonennis(at)genesisonepublishing(dot)com.


My Silly Feet (Children's Book)

My Silly Feet Children's Book

The inspiring true story of Gabby’s 'silly feet' will delight readers of all ages as they watch this spunky girl overcome her setbacks and make it to the finish line. Gabby learns that despite her spina bifida and silly, tiny feet, she too can compete in a race if she only puts her mind to it. With lovable characters and an empowering lesson, My Silly Feet charms its way into the hearts of readers.   


ISBN: 978-0-9869259-1-7


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Spirit Walk Wheel Run

During the month of June, Spirit Wheel Walk Run (SWWR) events take place throughout Ontario, in celebration of National Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Awareness month. SWWR is an awareness & fundraising initiative from the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario (SB&H).
Every June, the Ennis Family hosts the Gabby’s Gift Walk in support of SWWR. If you would like to walk with us this June, please contact us at sharonennis(at)genesisonepublishing(dot)com.  You may contact SB&H at or call 1.800.387.1575 for more information and how you can make a donation today to help change lives.

Spirit Walk Wheel Run